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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dunhaven Place The Retail Establishment--The Transformation

Ever wonder how to turn a dark and cave-like office space into a warm and inviting home decor store? It hadn't been much on my mind, either, until the beginning of March when it was made known to me that there was a teeny-tiny retail office space available for rent. As soon as we got inside, I knew I could make it work--in spite of the mini blinds, interior windows, coffee brown and burgundy walls, all of which screamed "OFFICE!" This first picture is of the view from the inside out the front window (obscured by blinds until opening day).

The below photo shows the fireplace mantel we bought to help cover the interior window that gave us a smashing view of the business next door. The mantel came from a house in Berkeley built in 1910. We were thrilled to get it.

Below is the view of the store from outside on opening day. Most of the photos are from our first day--it looks a bit sparse but things change on a daily basis.

I love my pretty store but it is challenging to make things look the way I want them to using only the things available. It's a fun challenge, though, especially when I have a hole to fill because somebody bought something!

Our Grand Opening Party was held about five days after we opened. The star of the show was the cards made from the painting titled Miss Delacourt's Roses by Jana Winters Parkin. I was thrilled to pieces to find a bouquet similar to the ones Jana used as inspiration for her painting.
Dunhaven Place is located at the TJ Maxx shopping center at 4691-C Clayton Rd. in Concord at Bailey Rd. It features painted furniture, antiques, collectibles, holiday decor and handmade items by local artisans. You never know what new and wonderful item you will find at Dunhaven Place!