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Monday, November 22, 2010

Chic N Shabby Autumn--My Thanksgiving Decor

Is holiday decor truly that important in the grand scheme of things? Not really. However. Our little family of five has moved often and often and most often have been renters, so the objects we surround ourselves with have taken on a bit of an importance. They make our house, whichever and wherever, our Home. Also, for me, it is one corner of my life I can control to a certain degree. This is important when one inhabits a wildly out of control life. Still. I'm not ordinarily terribly inspired by Thanksgiving decor--it just doesn't "go" with my light and bright interiors. For that reason, I hadn't planned on really making a post out of what I ended up with this year. However. A request to see it was made--so here it is.

The painting above the mantel is sans frame. It was destroyed in one of our many moves. In spite of that and the fact that this oil painting depicts French flower stalls a la summer, the colors are magnifique.

Many of the elements pictured here were used, to great effect (IMHO) in my Halloween decor (see previous post). It is always so fascinating to me to see how things take on different personalities when paired with something new. The family photo of the children in white no longer seem spectral but merely "antique" and the pumpkin that shouted "Halloween" now claims a star role in the Thanksgiving scheme of things.

Making Thanksgiving "go" with my shabby chic style was harder before I found the fabric for these drapes. This is the second autumn they have lived in my house and I am delighted with their transformative flexibility. They tie in the oranges and yellows of fall while still singing summer during the warm weather months. (Do these things really matter? Perhaps not. But I am one of those people who feels so much happier when surrounded by beauty . . . )

The desk below was inherited from my husband's grandfather. Most of my living room furniture is white so I decided to coat this desk, as well. However, I hated to cover the gorgeous striations of the wood on the piece below the drawer so decided to paint all but that. I got as far as the drawer (I replaced the metal pulls with the pink glass ones) and decided I was done.

The painting below was above my mantel for Halloween and Thanksgiving last year. This year I decided it was "too too" and it sulked in the garage for Trick or Treating. However, I brought it out right after and stuck it in front of the mirror (the one that has a mirror hanging against it). It looks a bit awkward but we have been enjoying it anyway. Go figure. (In other words, it's okay to be individual in your decor if you are looking at objects that make you feel happy.)

This is about all the fall color we will get. There is little of red and orange and yellow to gaze on from our windows so these fake flowers will have to do. I am very grateful for all the fake stuff we can get our hands on in this day and age. And I'm thankful for a sweet little (very little) home to call my own.